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Treatment And Rehabilitation For Alcohol Dependence In Alcohol Rehab Salford Within Salford

Frequent alcohol use can easily lead to dependence although many people see it as a harmless activity. If alcoholics don't go to therapy and rehab this addiction can provoke lasting issues and could eventually cause death.

We are aware that beginning the journey to a sober life can be daunting for you. We understand this and that's why we start by first talking to you about your addiction confidentially and we can carry out an assessment of your alcohol dependence for you to ascertain your level of addiction. This will not only help you to better understand the path that is ahead of you but will also help to put you at ease so you can move forward in life positively.

The major aim of Priory is to give you the most efficient clinical treatment and also to offer advice and assistance in an ambience that is safe and convenient.

What Is Alcoholism In Salford

Alcoholism is classed when an individual excessively drinks and the body becomes relient on the substance to be able to function normally on a daily basis.

Problematic work and social life, hampered social relationships and damaged physical and social health could be caused by addiction to alcohol.

The damage done by addiction to alcohol can be reduced with the help of rehabilitation and counselling.

What Causes Alcoholism In Salford

Alcoholism has all the characteristics of a progressive disease because it has a cause and a symptom which is entirely treatable. However, What Causes Alcoholism? The cause is when an individual drinks so much that the chemicals and liquids alter the way the brain works, it changes the feelings and emotional state of how the person perceives alcohol and makes them depend upon it. Initially these variations can seem enjoyable but that actually vanishes after time. An individual who has become dependent on alcohol will continue drinking with the sole objective of avoiding the unpleasant feelings and the dangerous withdrawal symptoms which can sometimes occur.

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Consequences Of Alcohol Addiction In Salford

The reason why some people waste a lot of time before they seek for assistance for their alcohol problem is because of some of the false myths about alcoholism.

You could very well have the belief that the lack of withdrawal symptoms or social problems is giving an indication that you do not have a problem with alcohol dependence. Resistance to alcohol that diminishes removal symptoms can be the reason to cirrhosis and liver failure in many binge drinkers, especially women.

Check out the symptoms of alcoholism if you're worried about your own regular drinking habit.

How Is Alcohol Addiction Treated In Salford

If you have already begun considerations about seeking help for alcohol addiction, it inevitably means that you have admitted to having the problem which is a significant step. Thousands of people have been assisted to defeat their alcoholism completely by our network of specialist consultants with a national spread.

Our individualised programmes involve a one year family support and after treatment care preceded by an initial assessment before the treatment. Sobriety is a long and hard path to follow, but by adhering to the 12-step programe to alcoholic recovery, and maintaining a solid support group around you, there is not doubt that treatment towards a better life will be successful.

Considering the person involved and how serious the addiction problem is, we work with three different treatment types or models. These treatments are abstinence, detoxification and rehab.

How Does Abstinence From Alcohol Work Within Salford

The treatment program utilized in abstinence is quite similar in some ways to what you'll find in support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. The primary objective is to help you give up alcohol completely rather than simply making an effort to cut down on your drinking.

How Does Alcohol Detoxification Work Within Salford

If you have become physically dependent on the alcoholic substance (having side effects when you have stopped drinking), the first step is to have medically controlled treatment for your withdrawal through detox. The method is to take other drugs in place of alcohol and to go ahead and reduce the dosage of those drugs taken within one week in the clinic. This can take longer if the detoxification process is done at home or at an outpatient facility. Alleviation of the unfavourable symptoms that come up when consumption is stopped is the major reason for this. Although the final days of the treatment aren't so bad, the symptoms during the first day may be almost unbearable.

Rehabilitation Or Rehab Within Salford

Rehabilitation from alcohol addiction will take place in many forms depending on the requirements of the individual. It can go from help obtained from self - help groups to rigorous therapy in a clinic. In order to arrive at a comfortable life bereft of alcohol consumption, therapy is used to discover why you drink alcohol and what you can take in place of alcohol. You will go through several problems and could have changes in your temperament during therapy.

What Is The Cage Test And What Will It Show In Salford

The CAGE is the test used to determine whether you can become alcohol dependent during alcohol dependency treatment and rehabilitation.

  • Questions in the CAGE test
  • Have you ever had a feeling that you need to reduce your alcohol consumption?
  • Have you been criticized about your drinking and did this annoy you?
  • Have you developed guilt or bad feelings because of your drinking habit?
  • Have you ever been surprised; a drink early morning to stabilise your nerves or remove a hangover?